tiistai 8. maaliskuuta 2011

How to earn 50$ poker money

Here is a very easy and good way to make 50$ cash to a poker site of your choosing.
All you need to do is register an account to pokerstrategy:

English link: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/uLQ95D
Finnish link: http://fi.pokerstrategy.com/uLQ95D

After that you need to complete an "exam" about basic poker knowledge. Every answer can be found on the guides on the site.
Then just choose which poker site to use. I chose Full tilt poker, good client and many noobs to rob money from :D
For me it took around 5h for the money to arrive and now im happily raising my pot.
Be sure to read their strategy guides aswell, they are actually very good and professional.

Happy winning!

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  1. My sister's boyfriend is a semi-professional pokerplayer, he won 30k in an online tournament.

  2. I play poker also sometimes, but that high stakes though. Just for hobby. Good luck for tables and keep blogging!

    Check my blog too. :)